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Making sure that your family, property and belongings are protected is not about being paranoid, but about being prepared. Being a father of three himself, Marty takes pride in the installation and service of quality locks and security devices to keep all members of the community safe.

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We use locks and security devices from trusted name-brand companies including:
ASSA®, Inc. High Security Locks

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  1. We currently have medeco locks on both the front and side door but we have noticed that items seem to be missing from our home periodically. The locks are only 15 years old and we have a security system but it is at least 20-25 years old. I noticed the other day that while we were out, our telephone line was dead but the telephone company denies any issues in our area. Is the ASSA lock bump and pick proof? If we decide to change the cylinder in our locks, what would be the cost?

  2. Hi Tom and Helen!
    These are all great questions. I’m so sorry to hear about what’s happening in your home.
    I’m out of the office until next week to celebrate my anniversary with my wife but would be happy to answer all your questions if you give me a call next friday. Thanks so much!

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