A-1: A History


Marty Cote established A-1 Locksmith in 1990 after branching off from the family lock business to pursue his dream of owning and operating his own lock service. dad and truck

Since starting his business, he has developed close relationships with large businesses though contract work, as well as getting to know his neighbours by always being there to help when they lock themselves out of their houses and cars on early Sunday mornings.

We have used A-1 Locksmith for a variety of projects from residential, commercial, development and after-hours service calls. A-1 Locksmith has been exceeding all our expectations in terms of service and performance over the many years we have used them. In summary, we found A-1 Locksmith incredibly punctual and professional regardless of setting, environment or tenant. We would recommend A1-Locksmith to anyone seeking efficient and professional service.

Mark Godin, Property Manager
PM365 Inc.
Property Management Services

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